Amazing Grace Festival 2016

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REPORT by Ruth Garvey-Williams

An overview of the 4th annual Amazing Grace Festival


Amazing 1“Home” Art Exhibition – Opening Night

Friday 1 April

Attendance:  circ. 50 people (mainly artists and their families)

The exhibition featured 68 works by local artists (including painting, photography,  sculpture, mixed media, textiles and poetry) as well as a group of homeless people  from Dublin.  Exploring the theme “home” brought out a wide range of  interpretations.  Irish TV also turned up on the Opening Night and their short  programme will be shown on April 14.  Live music added to a lovely atmosphere  throughout the evening.



Amazing 3 “Home” Art Exhibition

Saturday 2 April – Friday 8 April

Attendance: 250 including 13 students from Crana College and their  art teacher and 60 schoolchildren and their teachers from Scoil  Iosagain.

We had a huge attendance on the first Saturday (just over 100  people) followed by a steady stream from Monday to Friday.  The  schoolchildren visited as part of an “art appreciation” course.  Here  are just a few comments left in the visitor book:


“Such a diverse range of interpretations of the theme ‘Home’” – Brian and May, County Antrim

“What amazing talent.  Thanks for sharing it with us all.” – Mary and Kathleen, Buncrana

“A great collection of work and a great atmosphere.” – Stuart, Leeds, England.

“A lovely collection evoking wonderful memories.” – Victoria, Derry.


John Newton Experience

Saturday 2 April – Friday 8 April

Attendance:  69 individual visitors plus 128 schoolchildren and 9 teachers from Scoil Iosagain and St Mura’s National School.

With a much larger venue available to us for the full week (Church of Ireland hall) we were able to develop the exhibition even further with new interactive elements that appealed to the younger visitors.

Amazing 2

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