Autumn Equinox 2013 at the Grianán

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Being somewhat a day late, for the sun refused to make any appearance on the day itself, and much to the disappointment of those who had gathered, this year’s autumn equinox was observed by only a few but was nevertheless spectacular. Amongst them was our Adam Porter, who got a knock on the door at six in the morning by his father in law, Liam MacLochlainn. Being also an outstanding photographer, this early call out had a most wonderful result – great photos of the rising sun entering though the gate of the Grianán and its beam halving the monument from wall to wall.
The display of light has now been timed, starting at 7.24 am and lasting until just past 8.50 am (clouds covered the last rays of light coming through the gate), making it perhaps the longest demonstration of this kind in Ireland.

Just before the sunrise, the moon was high over An Grianán.

The sky warming up over the City of Culture 2013.

The fiery sun rising in the distance.

The first light creeps in the doorway at 7.24am.

As the beam intensifies, it just gets more spectacular.

Sunrise at Grianan Of Aileach.

The sun in the heather at Grianan of Aileach.

Laser sun beams!

Newgrange of the North.

Inch Castle in the morning sun. — at Grianan Of Aileach.

The shadow of An Grianán.

The sun eventually retreating from the monument. What a morning!

Inch island, Fahan marina and the view Northwards up Lough Swilly.


More of Adam’s photos can be found on his photo page Adam Rory Porter Photography

Another account of this wonderful morning is here:

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