Heritage Evening, Thursday, 29 October 2015, The Exchange, Buncrana

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Great history and heritage talks coming up this Thursday evening (Oct 29) featuring Max Adams from the Bernician Studies Group (UK) and our own John Hegarty. Free admission, The Exchange Buncrana, 7 pm




Press Release 20-10-15

The Future for Inishowen’s Early Christian Landscapes

On Thursday October 29th heritage groups and the general public are invited to two

talks that will take place in The Exchange, Buncrana at 7pm. The first of these talks

will be given by John Hegarty from the West Inishowen History and Heritage Society

on “Some early Christian settlements along the Eastern Swilly shore.” John’s talk will

include Desertegney and the 6th century monastic site at Fahan. The second talk will

be given by Max Adams from the UK based Bernician Studies Group and is entitled

“The future of Inishowen’s early Christian landscapes”. The Bernicians have visited

and worked on a number of Inishowen’s ecclesiastical sites over the past five years

and last August co-ordinated the Lands of √Čogain heritage festival in Moville. The

festival included talks by eminent academic scholars, offered guided tours of heritage

sites and held an Inishowen Heritage Fair, where heritage and community groups

across Inishowen were invited to provide information on their heritage projects and

meet with others. The festival has inspired local interest in future festivals and the

prospect of collaborative work amongst heritage groups. Local heritage enthusiast Neil

McGrory said “There is enormous potential in a partnership approach from both a

historical perspective and an economic perspective and simply in connecting the

people of Inishowen with their land and those who walked on it in the past.” After the

talks there will be opportunities for questions and an open discussion on the future

direction of heritage work on Inishowen.

The Bernician Studies Group are here to facilitate a training course on “Early medieval

lives and landscapes” from Oct 27th to Oct 30th being held in the IDP offices in

Buncrana. There has been a big interest in this course and it is obvious that the

richness of archaeological sites and heritage in Inishowen is attracting attention

locally, nationally and internationally.


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