The Miller Collection – Part 1

On November 9, 2011 by admin

The Miller Collection – Part 1 – is now online. Optimized for normal web browsing and for iPhone and android phones. 186 photos scanned from the collection of thousands of old photos donated and collected by Thomas “The Miller” Doherty over the past 50+ years! Show your Mammys and Daddy’s and Granny’s and Grandas! More to come! Buncrana through the years….

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  • celine fullerton mccarron

    really enjoyed looking at these photos thanks Thomas for posting saw my dad alick fullerton and my sister madeline looking forward to the next bunch as i hear you have more to post thanks

    • celine fullerton mccarron

      Really enjoyed looking at these photos Thomas cant wait to see the next bunch.Well done thanks

  • Gareth Evans

    Fantastic resource, I think this should be a members only page, the website is really taking shape well done.

  • brendan daly

    I have a few photographs of Buncrana that I would like to donate to the collection.
    Matter of fact I am in one of the pictures in the collection… I’m the kid on the donkey !

    How do I do so ?

    • admin

      Hallo Brendan,
      That is wonderful and very much appreciated. We always look for photos.
      Would it possible to leave them in with Adam Porter at Pixcam, Railway Road, behind the Drift Inn? If not, let me know where it would suit you.

      With many thanks and best wishes,

      PS: Please make sure you point out the photo of you. It is always good to know who is in the picture.

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